How long is this going to take?

Unfortunately, the timeframe for a divorce is very difficult to determine―and you should be cautious of any attorney who claims to know the answer. Lawyers you speak with will only hear your side of the story, which may be 100% correct, but that doesn’t tell any lawyer what the other side is going to claim or do. Generally, the length of a divorce depends on your particular situation as well as factors beyond your control, such as:

  • The degree to which you and your spouse agree on issues
  • The cooperation between you and your spouse
  • The court schedule in a particular county
  • In circumstances where both spouses agree on every issue, a divorce can usually be completed in a few weeks (this is called an "uncontested divorce").

However, if the parties cannot agree on custody, property division or other matters, a divorce can take at least a year or more. If there are issues involving concealed or hidden assets, a divorce can take as long as several years to complete. 

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